The Value of Wood Flooring

The saying, "there's no place like home," has taken on a whole new meaning throughout the events of the past year. Regardless of how your living situation may change going forward, wood flooring offers great long-term value. 


Flooring Fit for Fido

Whether you are a first-time or a long-time pet owner, rest assured that today's wood floors are designed to withstand all kinds of traffic, including man's best friend.


Real Wood Floors. Natural and Healthy.

There are a ton of flooring options on the market. Read on to learn about all of the reasons why you should choose real wood floors for your home.


COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting: What's Safe for Wood Floors? 

With the spread of COVID-19, killing germs on surfaces around the house is top of mind. If you have real wood floors, read on before you get carried away with using bleach, disinfectant sprays, or other "sterilizing" non-wood floor cleaning products.


Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2020

Hardwood flooring is timeless. While other trends come and go, hardwoods are here to stay. But that doesn't mean that hardwood floor trends remain the same each year.


Which Wood Floor Fits Your Lifestyle? (Part Two: Finishes)

As we take a look at choosing the right floor for your home, we focused the previous blog on wood type and style. Colors are always fun to talk about, so now we'll guide you through some things to think about as you select a finish for your wood flooring.


Which Wood Floor Fits Your Lifestyle (Part One: Wood Type and Style)

If you want a truly custom floor in your home, real wood is the way to go. From style to species, there are a lot of choices. So, how can you figure out which wood floor is best for your home? Read on for tips on selecting wood type and style!


School's Out - Protect Your Investment

School's out for summer! That also means kids and dogs are probably spending more time outdoors and tracking more of the outside into your home. Don't worry, though. Whether the dog is digging in the backyard or pool party guests are tracking water inside, the following tips from the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) can help you keep your real wood floors looking their best.


The Health Benefits of Wood Floors

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may wonder when you'll find relief. People with spring, fall, or even winter allergies might catch a break during their off seasons, but for those who experience allergy symptoms year-round, it's a constant battle.


Spring Cleaning: Top Tips for Caring for Wood Floors

Spring is in the air. Birds are singing, the temperatures are getting warmer, and many homeowners are ready to make a fresh start after being cooped up all winter. As you find the inspiration to tackle some spring cleaning, here are some helpful hints to maintain your wood floors like a pro this season and beyond.


In the news


How to Clean Hardwood Floors and Have Them Looking Like New

When it comes to hardwood floors, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! If you want your hardwood floor's finish to last, you need to give it a little love. But that does not mean you have to baby it. Wood floors are durable and can look gorgeous for decades with the right care and cleaning. Here is what you need to know to keep your hardwood floors beautiful for years, courtesy of Brett Miller, vice-president of technical standards, training, and certification for the National Wood Flooring Association.


Understanding the Many Varieties of Wood Flooring

At one time, choosing wood flooring materials was pretty straightforward. Everything was solid wood, and the only decisions were species (think oak versus pine) and the way in which the wood was cut to create planks. Nowadays, there are an overwhelming number of options to sift through. While solid wood is still a popular choice, there is also engineered wood, reclaimed wood, and alternative materials that resemble wood. That is why we have set out to simplify the market and present to you a basic guide to wood flooring materials.


Real Wood. Real Life. Flooring Trends for 2020

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is forecasting style trends for wood floors this year to be wider, longer, lighter, and natural.


It's Easy to Keep Wood Floors Clean - Even During the Busy School Year

School is back in session and that means calendars are quickly filling up with soccer games, band practice, and homework. The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has some tips on how to keep wood floor maintenance simple and part of your regular routine.


Get Beautiful Wood Floors During Summer Vacation

For homeowners thinking of having wood floors installed, refinished, or recoated, the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) recommends contacting a wood flooring professional now to schedule for the summer.


What’s Trending Now in Wood Flooring

From white-washed bleaches to pretty patterns and wide planks to going gray, the top trends in wood flooring offer an exciting degree of variety for homeowners considering a remodeling project. Two-thirds of American homeowners said they would choose to have wood floors in their dream home, according to a recently commissioned survey by the National Wood Flooring Association. With so many other options, why does wood flooring continue to attract attention?


The National Wood Flooring Association Launches “Real Wood. Real Life.” Campaign

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is launching a new effort to help homeowners learn more about the characteristics and benefits of real wood floors. The "Real Wood. Real Life." campaign provides information on choosing the right wood floor, selecting a professional for the job, and conducting maintenance properly.


Here's Exactly How To Maintain Wood Floors

Every season brings new problems for your hardwood floors. Winter comes with snow, ice, and salt, spring brings rain and dirt, summer adds on chlorine and salt water, and fall brings more dirt and leaves. Despite all the upkeep, though, wood floors are simply too stunning to skip. This is exactly what your hardwood floor maintenance routine should look like, according to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). Yes, they exist, and you had better listen to their advice if you want to maintain your floors for years to come.


How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Fantastic

Caring for hardwood is a little trickier than other floor types. New hardwood floors, or restored old ones, can be a beautiful addition to your home. But they're also a huge investment. You can make that investment last longer with some simple care tips. Here's how to keep your hardwood floors looking great, long after the installation or renovation.