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Your home likely represents your single largest investment. Whether you've lived there for decades, or weeks, the money you spend to improve it is an investment. So are wood floors.

Wood floors can last for the lifetime of your home, so you want to choose a professional who has the knowledge and skills to do the job right. An NWFA member is that professional.

The NWFA is dedicated to educating wood flooring professionals in the installation, sanding, finishing, inspection, and sales of wood flooring products. NWFA members know the industry's standards, which are recognized worldwide.

Watch this video, "Passion.Education.Craftsmanship," to get a sense of what wood flooring and participation in the association mean to NWFA members and how it impacts their customers.



If you have an issue with your wood floor, call the company that installed it. If an agreement can't be reached, call a Wood Flooring Inspector certified by NWFA Certified Professionals. NWFACP Inspectors have undergone specialized training, passed written tests, and submitted inspection reports for review and approval to a committee to receive their certification status. It is recognized within the industry as an elite certification program.



Looking for a quick and easy guide to wood floor selection? We've got everything you need in one easy guide. View it here



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