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understanding the buying process

Before you purchase your wood floors, it’s important to understand the process of buying hardwood floors and having them installed. Ready to find your floor? Follow this step-by-step guide!

  1. Know where in your house you’d like to have wood flooring
  2. Identify the expected traffic on your floors
  3. Choose basic colors and consider if it needs to match cabinets or other wood flooring in the house
  4. Determine a general budget range and desired timing for the project
  5. Find a professional to help with selecting/ordering product and installation
  6. Remove all furniture, curtains, paintings, and other items from the rooms
  7. Verify when it is safe to walk on your floor after installation
  8. Maintain your home between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit and 30-50 percent humidity
  9. Place pads on the bottom of furniture and rugs at entryways to protect floors
  10. Enjoy your beautiful new wood floors